0.0.7 released!

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0.0.7 released!

Postby Nestor2k » Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:09 pm

--- New Features ---

- New Ship: Cruiser - Heavy fighter ship that specializes in taking down OD Turrets.
- New Research: Improved Ship and Building Production times.
- Command Queue Cancelation: You can now cancel commands in the command queue. If a command has already completed some turns, cancelling will only refund partial resources.
- Character Specialties: Your character specialties are now active:
-> Mining: 20% extra yield of ore and gas
-> Military: 20% less soldier pay
-> Social: +2 to Morale (Meaning taxes can be set higher)
- Ship Upgrades: You can now install upgrades to your ships. You must first build a Factory. Then, use the manufacturing link on your factory to build upgrades. You can see your upgrades under the warehouse tab on your planet. To apply an upgrade, click on the retro-fit button on the ship you want to upgrade. You must have a level 2 ship yard to build a factory and install upgrades on ships. Upgrades can be sold on the IGBN starting in version 0.0.8.
- Orbital Defense: You can auto-protect your planets by building an Orbital Defense structure. After you build your Orbital Defense, it will auto-build OD Turrets. They will be located under you ships tab. Once built, they will auto attack enemy ships when they enter orbit. You can apply ship upgrades to OD Turrets. However, they cannot move or join fleets.
- Send Resources: You can send GC, Ore, or Gas to another character. Click on the character's name to bring up their profile, and then click Send Resources. You can also access this feature under the Diplomacy screen.
- User Interface: Text boxes, scroll bars, drop downs, etc. now have a style applied to them. Other visual improvements have been added as well.

--- Changes ---

- XP Change: Upgrading a building will gain 100*buildinglevel^2 XP points.
- XP Change: Hiring soldiers gains XP based on the formula: .001*newSoldierPop*6*(3/charLevel) (Squeeks do not multiply by 6)
- XP Change: Research now gains 500XP.
- More than one ship can be constructed simultaneously when a planet's shipyard is higher than level 1. Each level of shipyard allows for an additional ship to be constructed

---Bug Fixes ---

- Galaxy Map for Star Colors:Large now displays the correct map
- Cancelling a sale in the IGBN will now return the items back to you
- Un-inhabited planets are no longer invadable.
- Fleet travel time is now determined by the slowest ship in the fleet.
- Move Ship/Fleet links are now easier to click on. Especially on the iPad.
- Academies can now be built with higher level Ore and Gas mines.
- Colonization Technologies are now in line with actual colonization numbers. Until "improved colonization" is researched, players are limited to 10 planets.
- Other random/minor bugs...
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