0.0.6 Released!

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0.0.6 Released!

Postby Nestor2k » Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:38 pm

*NOTE: You may have to clear your browser's cache to view new graphics. Press CTRL+F5 to force a reload.

--- New Features ---

- Enemies: When you attack another character, or you are being attacked, the other character will automatically become your enemy. Enemies are marked with a deep red color. You can set a character back to Neutral status by visiting your character profile. Please note however, that you will not be removed from the other character's enemy list when you do so.
- IGBN: The Inter-Galactic Bazaar Network is the market of ProjectDS. To buy/sell items in the market, you must build at least one Bazaar on a planet you control. To sell multiple items on the IGBN, build more Bazaars.
- Fog of War: Other character's planets will now show "Unknown" under planet owner. To view the owner of a planet, you must place a ship in orbit or become an ally with that character. If you are allied with another character, all of their planets will show their name.
- Ship Action Icons: Ships now have icons rather than text links for various actions.
- Disband Soldiers: You can now disband soldiers on a planet. This may be helpful for characters that are losing GC because of soldier pay.
- Planet Favorites: You can now manually add planets to your favorites using an icon under the planet detail pages.
- Ship Graphics: Most ships now have ship graphics. Transports are still flying boxes, and buildings have not been drawn yet.

--- Changes ---

- Available Buildings list now shows resources in the correct order (GC/Ore/Gas)
- Available Ships list now shows resources in the correct order (GC/Ore/Gas)
- Technology RP and Level requirements have been adjusted
- Default map-view has been changed to Colonies view

---Bug Fixes ---

- Ore Mine/ Gas Extractors will no longer show your modifiers on other player's planets.
- Other various/minor fixes...
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