0.0.8 Released! (Game Reset)

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0.0.8 Released! (Game Reset)

Postby Nestor2k » Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:13 am

NOTE: Game has been reset. You will need to re-create your account and character.

--- New Features ---

- Ships can now be repaired by your ship yards and allied ship yards in the same orbit. They will be repaired each turn based on the ship yard's level.
- Ships will gain levels based on their kills (and invasions for Transports). Each new level gains 5% Max HP, Armor, and Shield.
- New ship!: The Battlecruiser is a command ship. Place it in a fleet to use it to its full potential.
- Fleet Bonuses: Apply fleet bonus ship upgrades to a Battlecruiser. The effects of the fleet bonus will effect all ships in that fleet.
- Fleet size limits: The default maximum fleet size is 8 ships. Adding a Battlecruiser to a fleet increases the maximum size by 4 ships. Each level of Battlecruiser is an additional 4 ships.
- A red circle will appear around star systems in your galaxy map where a battle/invasion is occuring. Mouse-over that system, and a red box will highlight the planet where the battle is occuring. This feature is not on the grid view yet.
- Multiple Galaxies: You can now travel to another galaxy with the research of Inter-galactic travel. NOTE: There is currently only one galaxy. An additional galaxy will be added in several weeks.
- New Building!: Hydroponics- This orbital structure will increase the planet's water and food capacity by 25%. This consequently will increase the max population of the planet.
- Forgot password script: If you forgot your login password, you can now reset it at the login page.

--- Changes ---

- Orbital Defense now only requires a level 1 shipyard, ore, gas, and soldier base. Cost has also been lowered.
- Orbital Defense will build one additional turret with each upgrade of OD.
- Shipyards, OD Turrets, and Cruisers now have graphics.
- OD turrets are no longer listed on the Ship assets screen. They can still be found under planet detail.
- Available ship construction is now listed under the New Ship button.
- Links back to planet detail and assets are now on "in command queue" screens
- Allied character's planet details will now appear to you and other allies (details, ships, buildings, etc.)
- Emails will send at a rate no more frequent than every 4 turns (1 hour). This will be adjustable in a future release.
- If in-game mail has been read, those messages will not be sent by email.
- Galaxies are now 2x wider. 1000 star systems per galaxy. Travel time cross-galaxy increased.

--- Bug Fixes ---

- Removed retrofitting link on planet detail screens when planet's not owned by player
- OD Turrets no longer attack moving ships
- Other random/minor bugs...

--- Known Bugs ---

- When joining an alliance of a previous enemy, the enemy list of the alliance will still show your character's name. However, you are still considered an ally. This will be fixed in a future release. As a work around, each character should remove the other character's enemy status under
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