Character Experience and Leveling

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Character Experience and Leveling

Postby Nestor2k » Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:11 pm

Hello everyone,

0.0.5 release will bring character experience and leveling. Various actions in the game will give you experience. When you gain a certain amount of experience, you will gain a level.

What does leveling do for your character?

- Shows others that you are a bad ass.
- Certain technologies can only be researched at a certain level.

- There will be a max-colonization tech that will require a certain character level for each tier of the technology.
--- example: max 10 planets colonized to start, add 10 for each research tier.
--- You will be able to invade and capture as many planets as you like. This limit is only for colonization.

What are the experience point milestones?
(each level is x3 to XP of the previous)

Level2: 300XP
Level3: 900XP
Level4: 2,700XP
Level5: 8,100XP
Level6: 24,300XP
Level7: 72,900XP
Level8: 218,700XP
etc.. etc..

Is there a level cap?
Yes, level 10. (currently)

What are the experience gaining actions?
(still working on this list)

Constructing Buildings: 100XP
Ship Building: 50XP
Colonizing a Planet: 500XP
Ship Kill: 250XP
Planet Captured: 500XP
Hiring Soldiers: 10XP per turn
Building Upgrade: 100XP
Research Tech: 250XP (May base it on RP of Tech)
Daily Login: 75XP (You get XP just for logging in every day!)

Anyway, that's what we have so far... If you feel like there needs to be changes, or you have a suggestion, let us know!
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