0.0.4 Quantum Released!

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0.0.4 Quantum Released!

Postby Nestor2k » Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:39 pm

-- New Features --
- Research: You can now research new abilities under the research tab. You will need to build Academies on your planets to provide enough Research Power (RP) to do so.
- New Building: Academy
- Building Upgrades: You can now upgrade your buildings to improve their production/capacities. (Research required)
- Game Stats: You can view game-wide statistics under the main page by clicking the Game Stats tab.
- Visual System View: You can now visually see the star system on planet detail pages. Clicking the planet will take you to that planet's detail page.

-- Changes --
- Invasions: If invading with multiple ships, and after a successful invasion, the ship that deals the last attack will leave its soldiers on the planet's surface. The other ships will get their remaining soldiers back. Please report bugs if this does not work.
- Frigate Ship: Now has art!
- Ship Battles: You will no longer be taken to another page after initiating a ship battle.

-- Bug Fixes --
- Ship Shield, Armor, and HP should not go above the ship's maximum values.
- Destroyers will now show in the enemy ship listing on the Assets screen.
- The Command Queue screen table was not displaying correctly when an invasion was in the list. It should be ok now.
- Ships in battle will no longer stay in battle after the battle is actually over.
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