Game Reset (Please Read!)

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Game Reset (Please Read!)

Postby Nestor2k » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:33 am

Hello everyone,

With 0.0.4 around the corner (sometime this week), I wanted to warn everyone about a reset to the public server coming in the 0.0.5 release. We are implementing some features which affect character growth. After adding these features, there may be a serious imbalance to the game. Since we are in the alpha stages of PDS, this is a great way to re-test the beginning game.

To make it more exciting, we will be re-visiting various parts of the beginning game. Such as:

- Character creation will have more content
- Ship and Structures Building will have descriptions
- User and Character profile screens (change password, email preferences, etc.)
- A whole new galaxy with more planets, more diversity, etc. (this will replace the existing galaxy.)

What does a reset involve? Well, almost everything will be deleted from the game. The only thing that will remain is the user logins. You will be able to log in, but you will not have your character, planets, ships, etc.

We will give everyone advance notice both here, in game, and on Facebook.

This is an essential part of early development in any game. We are excited to have such a great community of testers, and it only motivates us more to continue.

Thank you for testing, and let us know if you have any questions!

Fly safe.
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