0.0.3 Update Now Live on Public Server!

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0.0.3 Update Now Live on Public Server!

Postby Nestor2k » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:07 pm

-- New Features --
- Fleets: You can group your ships into a fleet. This will make it easier to move your ships from system to system. Fleet battles will come in a later release.
- Favorites List: Your recently viewed planets will list under a Favorites drop down. In a future release, you will be able to add your own planets and contacts.
- Auto-Refresh: The header will auto-refresh every 15 seconds. It will also refresh when you perform any actions (like building ships, etc.) Your resources will be updated without needing to refresh the page manually.
- New Ship: The Destroyer Ship has been introduced into the game. This ship is slightly more powerful than the Frigate Ship. However, it has less armor.
- Command Queue: You will now see an estimated time remaining under the turns remaining section of the command queue.
- Pop-up Messages: You will now see a pop-up message when clicking on various actions instead of navigating to a new page. This helps with the amount of "clicking" involved.

-- Changes --
- Planet Detail Screen: You will now see the System Name under the planet information. It is also linked to the system view page.
- Galaxy Map: You will now see planet-owner ship when hovering over systems.
- Galaxy Map Grid View: You will now see players listed under the systems they they have planets in.
- Ship Battles: If a ship has mutliple targets, such as a ship under attack by mutliple ships, that ship''s defense is dimished by ShipPower/Targets. Previously, the single ship would fire back it''s ship power at each target every time a ship battle occured. This appeared to make that ship more powerful.

-- Bug Fixes --
- When moving Scout Ship from a planet, you could still see that planet''s information while the Scout was travelling. This no longer occurs.
- Fixed various line returns/new line characters in emails and comms messages.
- Various cosmetic tweaks.
- Various navigation tweaks.
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